Floyd County


About Floyd County

Floyd County’s recorded history begins with the arrival of traders, trappers and hunters in Southwest Virginia in the 18th century. The earliest known travel way through present day Floyd County was the Trader’s Path, running from east to west across the Roanoke Rive where Back Creek enters the river, by John Mason’s, R. Poage’s, the headwaters of Back Creek and southwest over Bent Mountain. The trail continued westward through the Little River area to the Lead Mines.  The first known attempts to settle the area appear to have been made during the 1740s.

The county seat of Floyd County was first called Jacksonville for Andrew Jackson, seventh President of the United States (1829–1837). Jacksonville was first incorporated in 1858 and then re-incorporated on February 19, 1892 to expand the town boundaries. On January 23, 1896, the General Assembly passed an Act officially changing the name of the Town of Jacksonville to the town of Floyd.

Things to do while in Floyd County

Floyd county is rich in outdoor activities.  If you like Bluegrass music, you will not want to miss spending time at Mabry Mill on a Sunday afternoon.  Friends from far and wide gather to do some “pickin and grinnin” as well as the famous “flat footin” you may have heard of.  Looking for a little more?  Then head on over to Floyd Fest during July every year for an outdoor concert of epic proportions!  Looking for something a little more relaxed, then visit out Chateau Morrisette off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  They offer a wonderful wine tasting tour of their own vineyards as well as fine dinning.

Information about Floyd County is courtesy of Floydcounty.org and Wikipedia